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Waste Collection System

Waste Collection System

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Waste collection is an essential component of the waste management cycle. It includes sourcing and accumulating various forms of dry, solid, and wet garbage. An effective solid waste management plan is one that handles the storage, transportation, collection, segregation, and final disposal of all waste products effectively and smoothly. At Synod Bioscience, we are aware of the practical challenges posed by waste management services, and we always work to find solutions to the challenges posed by such procedures. Our team of professionals can ensure that everything is handled with the utmost efficiency, whether it involves collecting the garbage using a waste collection crew, managing the transportation of the rubbish in vehicles, or transporting it to the disposal site. All operational responsibilities associated with waste collection are handled by our experts at Synod Bioscience. As a result, Synod Bioscience is India's top provider of commercial waste management services.

Waste collection may be managed with 60 to 80 of the expenditure required for complete solid waste removal in a community. By implementing a strong waste-collecting strategy and system, these expenses may be greatly decreased. We have previously participated in several sustainability initiatives, and we can put our experience to good use by ensuring effective waste management.

We gather all the waste, which is then processed at the Naturgas Biogenics facility in Bangalore using cutting-edge technology.



Almost 60% of the organic waste produced by communities has to be collected and eliminated safely and hygienically. Composting organic waste is among the greatest methods for waste management. It is now quite simple to work with big amounts of wet waste and manufacture compost of them in a safe and hygienic way without any unpleasant odor according to the regulations offered by the Government of India. Within the realm of backyard gardening, this organic compost is constantly in great demand.


Packets, plastics, and other dry waste materials need to be removed from a region as soon as possible since they can clog public landfills and pollute the entire ecosystem. Despite the fact that different households may separate these items on their own, they should be taken out in a methodical way. Our crew at Synod is capable of efficiently and often collecting and delivering these waste products to the facilities for recycling dry waste.


We are one of the top waste management businesses in India, and we are adept at handling the collection and disposal of e-waste. Batteries, switches, cables, and other e-waste materials can be extremely dangerous and harmful to the environment. The average person discards more than 1 lakh pieces of e-waste irresponsibly each year. Even if many individuals are careful when handling waste disposal at the source, eventually they are likely to wind up in one of the numerous public landfills, sadly harming the ecosystem and soil with their poisonous wastes. At Synod Bioscience, we manage the transportation of these e-waste items from their collection locations to disposal regions as well as the safe and effective collection of e-waste at the source.

Our Waste Management Services

The following services are available from Synod Bioscience.

  • We provide workers to oversee waste collection in a variety of public places, including housing developments, hospitals, hotels, and canteens.
  • Our group can provide you with complete labor to handle waste management and collection at various physical places.
  • With relation to waste materials collection and management, we can assist operational as well as equipment management.
  • By maintaining operational effectiveness across many institutions, we can engage our staff to manage waste and maintain facilities to the highest possible standards.
  • Also, we can give you the necessary infrastructure to turn waste into electricity.
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